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everybody has a sleep number. and those who find it sleep a whole lot better than those who don't. >> i am geraldo rivera. it is the beginning of the end the dramatic conclusion of the child murder case of the century. we begin hour two of our comprehensive coverage with the conclusion of the defense closing arguments of the defense. >> this is my last opportunity to speak wh you individually. the state after we are done will then be able to get up and have a what is called a rebuttal argument. this is the hardest point for a defense lawyer because i could never come back up and respond. the reason it is done that way is because the state has a
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burden of proof here. this is the last opportunity. they have the burden of the exclusion of every reasonable doubt which is the highest standard in american juris prudence. >> it lies on the defense. jose bias makes sure they go over the state's evidence or lack there of. >> you have seen this checkbook prosecution where they spared no expense utilized the finest crime labs of the country the fbi laboratory. but yet with all of the resources and used not only established areas of forensic science but created new ones. ones that were never testified before in front of a jury. you are the first one to ever hear any of these types of evidence and that is what i told you from the very beginning.
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this prosecution would raise to the level of desperation to make up for their lack of evidence. >> the defense attorney turns the evidence to casey's car. >> i want to start with the car and what's unique about the car is again what i told you at the very beginning. the car does not shed any light on how caylee died, period. i told you all it will double the length of this trial if not triple. i showed you how that ended up being true. all of the discussion that came around with being irrelevant evidence i say to you what the car does it tells you how caylee
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may or may not have been transported. it doesn't explain how she died any way, shape or form. >> the defense remind jurors of those notorious gas cans. >> then you will recall the incident with the gas cans. that was reported missing to the police june 24th. >> who would report gas cans missing? how many times has they said someone stole my gas can. why is that duct tape on there and why are there so many lies surrounding that gas can and that duct tape. >> jose bias talked about the stain or lack there of in the
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trunk of the car. >> this car was ten years old had a previous owner went through three owners in this family had numerous stains that were there long before june 16th, 2008 long before. you heard testimony about that. you heard evidence about those. all they want to give you a fair a little harder and yu just might see it. it is a phantom stain. it's there but you can't see it. this reached the level of desperation. >> there is the hair in the pontiac. >> the next thing the state did is they talked to you about hair. they told you that the banding that is found in the hairs that looks similar to this -- they
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cannot say it came from a dead body. the reason for this quite simple. the reason is there is just the science is just not far enough for them to know. >> was there or was there not the smell of deatdeath? >> you heard he had a financial motive. you heard about his machine. this device that he is trying to create to sell to law enforcement agencies across the country en across the world he has done some research but he's not the only one. he had a guy in greece tell you that he agrees with him. we didn't see anybody from grease testify up here. >> the defenseless attempted to discredit the cputer searchs were there 84 or just one? >> i want to take you to what i
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think the evidence showedn this case. where it reached its most outrageous level. and that is the computer searchs. the defense has to call witnesses police officers to testify and to tell you the truth, to bring the truth to light. you can see and you can render a just varied. this is outrageous. you will see in defense exhibit 45 the progression of someone typed in my space in 84 times, 83, 82. and you see the progression you see no such thing on this report. this is their pre-meditation. this is their murder case.
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mr. ashton gets up here and says, we can only hope that she issues the chloroform beforehand. hope? they weren't asking you. they are hoping they get a conviction now? they are hoping that you buy the chloroform? they are hoping? you are not supposed to hope? you are supposed to prove cases beyond and to the exclusion of every reasonable doubt. where do they get this stuff from? how can they ask you this, to do this? how can they come forward with this evidence, this dunk that doesn't even work? >> the state's autopsy was also trashed by the defense. >> then we come to dr. jane, the medical examiner. she told you that she did an autopsy on the remains. th child had no broken bones no evidence of prior trauma, no
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evidence of trauma at all, and she did -- she sent out all of the tocks logical exams she could to try to make this case fit. they all came back negative. you heard the tests for chloroform negative. the tests for zahn ak negative. all of these other drugs negative, negative, negative, negative. cause of death unknown. that is where the science ends. >> has duct tape ever played so major a role? >> i want to talk about the duct
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tape. it is strange how you have one piece of evidence that can tell you so much. actually two pieces of evidence that say so much about what may have happened here and so many lives that surround it. >> finally dede fence pleas with the jury to suspend their motion and based on the evidence. >> we don't want you to tell us what you think happened we want you to tell us what was proven happened. there are no mysteries to solve here. there should be no mystery before you right now. if you have question then it was not proven. these are things you have to consider the lack of evidence you have to consider all of these things and take a look at it and wonder why some of these questions weren't answered and why were these people hidden from you?
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why? is that justice? is that a search for the truth? is that what a citizen deserves in our country, in our state of florida? is that what someone deserves when facing trial for their life? i suggest to you that it isn't. i suggest to you this lack of straight forwardness is unacceptable. when the truth surfaces it hurts a lot more than the single lie. >> this is sufficient reasonable doubt ladies and gentlemen for you to say you know what? i don't trust this evidence. >> i was in the courtroom today when a courtroom rumble broke out and stopped closing argumentsn their tracks. craig has probed that, if you ain't seen this yet you apt seen nothing. stand by we will be right back with craig's report after this.
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>> live in orlando, florida. you know there is no love lost in the prosecution in the defense of the casey anthony murder trial. up until now both sides behaved with appropriate deck tore rum more or less until today. >> geraldo, it's the body language experts more than we could ask for jeffery ash son rubber faced platform for casey anthony on death row for killing her daughter. >> on that morning casey knew she would not be staying at that house. neither would caylee. she knew that that night she would be in the arms of her boyfriend and that caylee would be dead. >> after ashton's powerful case
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this morning in front of the court. >> after that light hearted exchange baez had a strange request to judge perry regarding his opponent. >> i apologize but i continue to see mr. ashtashton's facial expressions as i am doing my closing arguments and i would ask that he refrain from showing gestures or something whether he apros or disapproves what i am saying. >> concerned were subtle cues to the jury baez complained and the judge reacted. >> i can't see mr. ashton but as i have made it quite plain and clear we don't need any facial expressions of approving disapproving or anything else. >> as b baez presented his own powerful closing statements ashton seemed to struggle to
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control his emotions. then in midstream baez dropped the line that caused audible gasps in the pin drop quiet courtroom. we are talking about cold hard evidence, evidence that points to one person, one person only, he can lie all he wants and dance around the truth but the truth is the truth and depending on who is asking the questions whether it's this laughing guy right here or whether it's myself. >> objection. >> approach the bench. >> the serious nature of the dramatic moment suddenly realized by the book the judge summoned the legal gladiators. >> i have constantly told both sides from the outset when i first took over this case i personally gave each one of you the ninth courtroom decorum policy which was enacted by
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administrative order that has been in place i signed this order in february o 20003. >> the prosecutor's face now ashton ashamed it seemed the judge might drop the hammer and charge him with contempt. jeffery ashton got in unlikely hands. >> i would ask that he be held in contempt, this case has been highly emotional for both sides. all i really request is because of the serious nature of what's going on. >> because of today's fireworks between baez and ashton the judge will not give jury instructions until tomorrow the case will go to injure rebefore collaborations on the 4th of july. >> you have the front row seat today. do you believe that ashton was sending messages to the jury with those facial expressions?
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>> no doubt about it. i want to be fair. just say something anything. >> i would like to say that casey anthony is guilty as charged like a little kid in class. he was mocking. >> he was really mocking. baez lost his temper. the judge i thought was going to hit them bothn contempt. >> bbeaz -- >> i think both of them were chasing no doubt about it. both believed they were not locked up i thought it was a temporary cause for ba. he regained the competence shown after that because it was quite extraordinary to see. let me move on with this special report. let me bring our panel back.
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we have a far flung and star studded legal panel. i want very much to put this all in perspective and give you the fairest balanced presentation of what was going down in the closely watched case of child murder. here's a myth:
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ladies and gentlemen of the jury you have been selected and sworn the jury of the state of florida verses casey marie anthony. this is a criminal case. the defendant is charged with crimes of first degree murder, aggravated child abuse,
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aggravated manslaughter of a child, and four counts of providing false information to a law enforcement officer. it is your responsility to determine if the state approved accusations beyond a reasonable doubt against the defendant. your verdict must be bas based solely on the evidence or lack of evidence. >> the judge there judge larry seidlin going through the charges in this indictment which includes lesser included explained to the audience briefly capital murder, second degree murder, aggravated manslaughter could she be convicted of all three at the same time? >> yes. yes. the jury can find you guilty of all of those charges. it is knott is not logical for o that. i believe murder 1 they have to show motivation that she thought
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about killing her child and that she succeeded in killing her child. then the method of it was putting the chloroform actions knock her out and putting duct tape three times on her face. you have second degree murder and the lesser included offenses. in florida if she is convicted of aggravated child abuse and in being in doing this crime aggravated child abuse and the child dies then it goes to murder 1. that is no good for her either. i know manslaughter fits what the jury will do. it is called a compromised verdict. >> i would tend to agree. i think that baez. >> aggravated manslaughter. >> he effectively dismantled but the jury will want to do something. they have been emotionally
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charged with ashtashton's closi statement so they will want to convict her of something. aggravated manslaughter. >> now let me go first to maria hill. >> i think the prosecution did a fabulous job. i don't think jose bias should have brought in the accidental drowning image that's where he made their mistake. he will come back with murder 1. >> why? you think they have gone to the lofty level of proving beyond a reasonable doubt to the decision of all other really they have a case where they can send this woman to the death chamber? >> i know i am the odd man out. i respectfully disagree with all of my colleagues here. >> you can be as firm in your opinions as you want to. >> wendy murphy we trust your judgment what do you think is going on here? >> i put a lot of elements out
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there. i know you think my theorys are crazy. i read the witness statements i didn't wake th make that up abo child porn stuff. every other case i have done with you over the past 15 years what matters most motives and opportunity and intent but motive and opportunity. we have what for motive? she goes out partying so she killed her kids. we have blockbuster represent ago movie spending the night with her boyfriend. motive doesn't fly and the jury saw the videotape. we have evidence she wasn't with ♪
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from america's news headquarters i'm marianne rafferty. memphis police officer and another person killed in a shootout at a downtown hotel. officer timothy warren was among several officers of shots being fired at the double tree hotel. he and a civilian were shot and died a short time later. a suspect is now in custody. the incident started as a domestic dispute. warren had been on the force since 2003. turkey promising an additional $200 million in aid. fighting between the rebel controlled east and the quadaffi run west. turkey's foreign minister says he hopes the crisis there will be solved before the end of the month.
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ramadan begins in august. i'm marianne rafferty. now, back to "geraldo at large". for the latest headlines, log on to fox news .com. you're watching the most powerful name in news, fox news channel. ws >> with my colleague phil keating who chronicled this emotional case right from the beginning action packed day today what was the best moment you believe for the prosecution? >> prosecution had two not one piece of duct tape not two but three pieces of duct tape were used which he said meant only one thing to suffocate and kill little caylee. another good moment the prosecution had as well was when they brought up the fact that casey anthony was out with her brand new boyfriend june 16th, 2008 holding hands getting the blockbuster video together outside in the car trunk of casey's car was little kaye low
1:32 am
starting the beginning of de composing. >> horrifying. >> then the defense was scrapyer than they have been possibly more effective than jose baez has been. what do you think was jose's best moment of today? >> probably the raising of no lack of evidence no dna on the duct tape no finger printsz on the duct tape on and on. raised the accidental drowning theory made that seem some what plausible. mentioned and hit it hard when he talked about look this woman is so dumb she is going to leave her kid by the side of the road 20 feet from traffic yet smart enough to out wit the fbi crime lab in quantity toe virginia was a good line. he had another good one just because my client is a liar it doesn't make her a murderer. >> now we come to the fight the big finger pointing jose baez. i was in court. i saw ashton putting his hand
1:33 am
mocking openly mocking baez defense presentation. the judge mede itemly stopped the proceedings the jury was sent out jose was forced to restart. which way does that fall? who benefits from that one? >> didn't we see that coming. ta in and day out they have been sparring and verbally going at it. ashton clearly violated the judge's rules no gestures no facial expressions in the courtroom. that was clearly visible on television nationwide. he couldn't have been -- he may still be cited for contempt of court. baez looked a big man saying i would request that you don't find him in contempt. >> phil keating. now let's go to jose's wrap up of his closing arguments when he really points the finger squarely at the grandpa george
1:34 am
anthony. >> there is a pattern there that each member of the family testified to. except george again had a little amnesia. >> the defense sets it's sights squarely on george anthony. >> why did george anthony never tell police about the way they buried their pets. three years go by and there's no mention of it. there's a chance to save his daughter's life. >> attorney baez links george to the duct tape. >> lying. here is the photographs. august 1st, 20008 the duct tape is on there. when he is asked by -- when he is sparring with mr. ashton it's not out there. cops must have planted it. why is he lying about that duct
1:35 am
tape? why? i kns. he knows he's the only one connected to the duct tape. the only connection. the only direct link that caylee to her remains is this duct tape. yes you have other items. the only one it is ultimately connect to do is george. if it is their murder weapon as they claim they can't hide behind the duct tape. it only connects to him. i submit to you ladies and gentlemen that that's not reasonable. it is not reasonable to accept the concrete lies and unique circumstances surrounding george anthony and this duct tape. >> the defense alleges grandpa george lied to the cops and to them. >> mr. anthony has on numerous occasions had the opportunity to come up here to come to truth about these items but given
1:36 am
every single opportunity he lied. he's impeaimpeached by the prosecution during the deposition. he was impeached here. he played glam games with the photograph and danced around the truth and refused to be up front and honest. >> baez critiques his nurturing skills. >> there is one thing you can see this man doesn't have an ounce of paternal instinct in him. not an ounce. he got up here on numerous occasions and almost with a fit of joy testified against his very own daughter. i don't know a father in the world who wouldn't fall in t inn a sword for his own child who wouldn't attempt to try and protect her.
1:37 am
not george anthony. even cindy anthony tried. yo saw that. lee anthony at times was resistant. you didn't see announce of that from george. george cares about george. no one else. those are n the actions of a father. throughout the course of this triaas he testified he didn't act like a father. there were times when he would actually smile there were times he thought it was funny to spar with me. >> you see jose bi baez attacki grandpa. famed forensic pathologist dr. michael baden. is this a classic case of de flexion? >> remember geraldo tomorrow
1:38 am
morning we will see rebuttal case. i will suspect you are going to hear is a prosecution reminding the jury that george anthony is not on trial. this is an attempt to displace blame here we know who the real culprit is and that's what the prosecution is going to make clear tomorrow. there isn't a sin tell law of evidence that he would suggest wead anything at all to do with the murder of the child. the direct opposite point of view particularly if you go back to the suicide note where in we had every opportunity to confess his sins. did he? did he not. he is confused he has questions that will be the death now of that particular case. >> yet with that suicide note couldn't that be seen along with the half hearted suicide attempt with the stack of beer and sleeping pills can't that be
1:39 am
seen as pre-meditation to set the stage to let the his daughter take the fall. >> you nailed it on the head. this guy has been dirty from the beginning. that's exactly what that was. all of the circumstantial evidence against casey anthony in this case pretty much ties to george as well the duct tape the fact that allegedly he was somehow involved or in knowledge and now he's distancing himself. baez was right he doesn't want anything to do with casey in this case. he still should have paternal instincts. he was allegedly the best grandfather in the world. this guy is also dirty. for baez to bring him in as a possible other suspect is very smart here. they are not only trying to avoid a conviction but trying to avoid the execution. they have to mitigate and go from first degree down to manslaughter and i think baez did a great job of pointing out
1:40 am
all of the holes and saying it's just as likely it was george. >> what i find interesting is the fact that in attacking the specifics in the forensic case going against the mag got the stains this aspect, that aspect where he arguably made the experts who were just experts or the state's experts did he in your opinion and you have seen so many of these cases focus attention on the specifics enough of the picture of the overwhelming circumstantial case against the accused maybe was b obscu obscure? >> he did mention the medical examiner said the cause of death was unknown. ashton was passionate and wrong in his statement that the child
1:41 am
died of the three pieces of duct tape. that is pure speculation. the medical examiner wouldn't do it so he got the anthropologist to say something he never got aven autopsy never issued a cause of death but was able to put up the very inflammatory morphing of the child into a skeleton and he is the one who said the death was caused bias fix yags by the three piece of duct tape. theris no evidence to support that. i think the cause of death remas undetermined. i agree with wendy there's no evidence to show really there's a homicide. could have been a suffocation cover been a drowning. the evidence is consistent for both of those. >> we have heard it all except for the state's closing
1:42 am
arguments. then come the instructions the jury will get this case at the end of the day. they will be deliberating july 4th. there won't be i don't think a decision on the 4th of july. probably tuesday morning the 5th if they are united. it will also handy cap in greater detail the possible outcomes. a lot of people think fiber can do one thing and one thing only, and those people are what i like to call wrong. take metamucil. sure it helps you keep regular, but it doesn't stop there. metamucil is the only leading fiber supplement with psyllium, which gels to help remove waste and reduce cholesterol. it can multi-multitask. it's so 2012. look at it! it's doing over a million different things right now. metamucil. ask more of your fiber.
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[pop] i got gum a kazoo a candy necklace for forty cents, i got one of these [pop] a stamp helium fabric softener [pop] lipstick two pills a day is what it takes to stay alive if you're hiv positive. those pills cost about forty cents a day. >> live and at large tonight in boston andew york and here in orlando. i asked dr. baden a question before the break by focusing o the specifics has jose baez and the defense team successfully deflected from the big picture circumstantial evidence? no ddna, no fingerprints.
1:46 am
the nos were a lengthy list. by highlighting the nos no dna in the maggots. have they deflected from a mown ta tanf evidence? >> yes they had a very good job showing lack of evidence conflicts in the evidence where the reasonable doubt is in the actual evidence. tomorrow the state is going to get up and poke holes in exactly what you said and explain certain things put it more into perspective with what ashton did today theerdict will clean up tomorrow they will have a great day. >> it is i think good news for the prosecution that linda's verdict is doing the rebuttal because i think jeff ashton was diminished by today's rumble. i think that he had the image
1:47 am
the portraits of public servants doing their job for the people and he became much more of a mud slinger mud slider. he can be very, very good as he can. >> what do you think? if you were earned tonight what are you most worried about tomorrow? >> tomorrow is a new day. just like focused through the entire trial both of them will be focused. tomorrow she is going to get specific with what baez was talking about with the duct tape the fact that george had it. she is going to bring out the fact that there's no way any one should believe any one should deal with the death or the cover up that is an absolutely absurd to think that the man who buried his pets for goodness sake. he is not just going to chuck his granddaughter. >> yet lawrence walter the
1:48 am
prosecution is forced now to defend george anthony. >> that is what they have to do tomorrow. remember since this is a circumstantial evidence case they have to rebut the reasonable hypothesis of innocence which baez raised. they have a problem there because they haven't really gone through and proved that the drowning didn't happen. that's their burden. >> yet wendy murphy, george anthony does not come across as a total sleazebsleazebag. >> no. >> i saw him weeping. i have known him i have talk to do him now over these past three years. i know that he is squarely in the gun sights of the defense but doesn't the jury have to see him as a a dye bog cal sleazy character? >> i thought beaz did the same
1:49 am
thing he cut in some ways to both directiodirections. he literally cried real tears on the stand. the down side is abill fying him and screaming like a nut in the closing argument. i believe the reason he laughed is that it was comedic that moment when he tried to say it's george, it's george. it was really over the top. i thought it was unseemingly ridiculous. the jury doesn't dislike george at all much less enough to buy into his line. he did harm today doing hz plan b thing with george. even though george may not mind because he will take the heat because it might save his daughter's life. >> it is amazing he sat in that courtroom every single day and felt the slings and arrows being accused of being a child molester a rapist now being a
1:50 am
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>> concluding our special broadcast from orlando and parts further afield we are focused on what is clearly the biggest child murder trial in a very long time in decades in our country. it's now coming to a furious conclusion. kelly sandone in new york i want to get our final handicap on what you think happened tomorrow. do you believe that he's got a manslaughter or do you think the state has succeeded in this
1:54 am
young lady could be put to death or at least receive a death sentence for killing her child? >> i believe she is going to spends the rest of her life in jail. i think they have proven manslaughter because remember mom's activities don't add up. there will be a conviction here because she didn't report her missing all of these other theories aren't that plausible the fact that there is enough circumstantial evidence to convict. she is going to jail. i don't think they are going to t murder one. her odd behavior lieso authorities, the fact that she is a known liar her own attorney said she is a liar. she didn't take the stand the jurors wanted an explanation they didn't get one. if she is allowing all of this to be said no mother would do that she is guilty and i think it will be a manslaughter conviction.
1:55 am
>> larry seidlin in new york it could be 25 to life you don't have that kind of variable sentencing here. aggravated manslaughter it's a 30 year wrap. i think it's an appropriate sentence and i think it's an appropriate level of conviction. >> you can also walk. she is also walk. >> you think it's possible? >> i think it's possible she can walk. >> hung jury? >> i think he will tell them get back in there and deliberate. it will take a few days to come to a decision. the jury has to put the facts to the charges. it will be tough for them. it will be the toughest mission they were ever on. the facts may indicate a manslaughter or she may walk. it is presented by the states but these are theories. they haven't linked to all of the elements in these crimes they said that casey d it. >> joey jackson however pro
1:56 am
prosecution i believe this judge was, i also belief and i know you disagree with me, this case is going to be appealed successfully on various issues when it comes back for a retrial after they throw out the statements that were not mir ran diesed after they throw out a pro tess can animation that was so highly prejudicial. i believe they plead her with time served. >> you could argue there were appellate issues here whether or not they said it was admitted. >> she will be convicted the only place she is walking to is death row. you can argue no dna or no fingerprints. there's another no you have to argue no giving the benefit to the defense for throwing her in a swamp and have the evidence washed away. guilty. >> no cause of death.
1:57 am
>> thank you all of our guests. >> have a wonderful fourth of july. thank you for being with us. i ate breakfast and got heartburn, third day this week. so i took my heartburn pill and some antacids. we're having mexican tonight, so another pill then? unless we eat later, then pl later? if i get a snack now, pill now? skip the snack, pill later... late dinner, pl w? aghh i've got heartburn in my head. [ male announcer ] stop the madness of treating frequent heartburn.
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